I choose the golden path

This entry is directly related to my earlier one about my dream of opting out of the web of life which you can read below.

About 3 months after having that dream, and still wanting to utterly give up on life, I decided that I would indeed choose the ‘golden path’. To declare this to the world, one morning, just as I was about to leave for work, I said out aloud to the world “I give up, I’m yours and I choose to follow the golden path”. And I opened the front door and stepped out. I closed the door and turned around to make my usual journey to the bus stop. But as I started to walk, a golden line appeared in front of me – much like in my dream. And looking up I noticed that the sky was filled with the criss cross of hundres of lines of web (for lack of a better word).

[It was like being inside a golf ball. If anyone has ever cut open a golf ball or peeled off the shiny outer layer, inside is nothing but what seems to be a ball of elastic bands wound very tight. So imaging the criss cross effect of being inside a mesh of overlapping lines.]

Most of the lines in the sky were a pale grey/white. But the odd one here and there was made of gold. And every so often a sparkle would travel along one of these lines of web.

The vision was as clear as day and lasted for quite some time – probably a good 10 mins. I marvelled at the sky and noticed that the golden line that I was on led to the bus stop. Whilst waiting for the bus, I was over come with the feeling of immense joy and felt like all the living things around me were sending me their energy. My skin prickled like the air had grown fingers and I could see streams of energy going from me to everything around me and vice versa. A bit like what you get with those static electricity/lightning balls.

At the same time I just knew/my soul remembered that we are all energy. I am the rock, the grass, the animals and they are all me. It’s such a weird feeling to describe – it was like every cell in my body suddenly grew a brain and said ‘YES – we remember this and this is how it really is’. Part of my brain was going ‘oh no…’ whilst the rest of me (literally every cell in my body) was singing with joy of connecting with this energy.

I was filled with such joy and happiness that I wanted to burst out laughing, but being at the bus stop with other people I thought that might be a bit weird – so I stood there grinning like an idiot. After the bus arrived, I got on, and in about 2 minutes the world had faded back to normal.

The biggest things out of that experience for me were:

  • Our cells do have their own ‘memories’ and they remember life on a different level
  • There are other levels of existence that exist as one at the same time with us – we just can’t see them. Like someone who is colour blind to the colour blue. They can’t see the colour blue, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
  • If we all could feel that sensation of connectedness and realise that we are indeed all of the same energy, then I think we’d have a better appreciation for other life – people, animals & plants. We wouldn’t kill each other, we wouldn’t treat animals the way we do and eat them and we would have respect for the earth instead of ruining her as we do.

Since having this experience, I’ve mentioned it to a couple of other psychics and they called this ‘touching the face of god’. Even in Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ he talks about a connection to the ultimate being/bliss/god. And I have to agree – that is exactly what its like. Connecting with ultimate energy, bliss, love & knowingness.