In the beginning….

Ok this post is basically about my experiences during the 1990’s – late highschool to early 20’s.

My first ‘real’ introduction to the otherside happened towards the end of high school.  Sure in primary school I’d hear stories of some kids playing around on ouija boards but that stuff never interested me – if anything it scared me.  All that changed in highschool during art class.  I was sitting next to a friend of mine and noticed her writing madly on some paper.  To me the writing was incredibly neat but I could also see that it wasn’t her handwriting either. She explained it was autowriting – and she showed me how to do it.  Since then, over the years I’ve done varying amounts of autowriting myself.  Don’t get me wrong – my writing isn’t fast or neat and most of the time its illegible – even today almost 20 years on.  My writing has morphed so that now I just  end up drawing a line and yet the answer/information is simultaneously implanted in my head.  Sort of like hearing a voice but its by-passed your ears and gone straight for the processing point.

When I first started practicing autowriting, I would just get shapes, or my hand would just do circles in the air for a long time.  (Funnily enough I only found out what the circling movement meant only 2 years ago – it means they are saying hello.)  And for many years the hand I used would get a icy feeling in the wrist.  It was almost like someones cold hands were clutching my bones as they moved my hand/arm around on the page – it was quite painful and would ache. Thankfully, the intuiative I saw in 2008 – Julie Lewin ( fixed my wrist during the session and haven’t had any problems with it since.

In my last year at highschool I remember another friend had brought a deck of tarot cards to school.  At lunch we were all looking at them and playing with them.  When it came to my turn to hold them, within seconds my hands began to hurt.  I had to hand them back fairly fast as it was just too painful to hold them. Since then I’ve not been a fan of tarot cards. I don’t know much about them but they are clearly not meant for me to play with.  I’ve since learnt I have more success with oracle type cards.

About 5 years after seeing my friend autowriting at school I had my first ‘physical’ interaction with something. I was living in a rented share house with some friends at the point in time.  I was lying on my bed, enjoying the afternoon breeze coming in through the window. As I lay there I felt someone put their hand in mine and hold it – gently.  I opened my eyes to find nothing there but my hand was still being held by something.  Funnily enough this didn’t bother me at all – I remember thinking “Fair enough…I’m holding hands with someone I can’t see…..interesting”.

Another time lazing about in bed half asleep I felt something on my chest. It was quite heavy and I found it hard to breath.  I remember thinking “Do you mind not sitting on me” and then the heaviness went away.

From then on for many years I would have someone hold my hand whenever I asked if anyone was in the room with me.  It was very comforting. And I started to refer to this being as ‘dude’. Silly I know.  And every so often I’d see a disturbance in the atmosphere shaped like a man. I’ve tried to recreate it in the image you see below – there’s a change in the clarity of the object/things behind him.  Can you spot him?

Example of atmosphere being disturbed by a presence

Occasionally he was even a bit foggy but this was rare. And thats how it went for a few years.

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