My Groupies

A few psychics I’ve been to have told me that I have a number of guides with me. In the early days I just took that on with a grain of salt. But since developing my own skills I’ve been able to meet them on the odd occasion.

Who are they? I call them ‘my dudes’ and we have a fairly informal relationship. No mystical reverence on my part that’s for sure:) That’s not to say that I don’t feel honored to have them in my life and thankful for their guidance. And respectful – I have a lot of respect for them. But mainly I honor the ‘spark of god’ within them as it is with all of us..They are just more evolved than we are.

At this point I still don’t know how many I actually have. I believe there are at least 5. The following is a break down of the ones I’m currently aware of and cover a span of almost 20 years.

Since starting this path I’ve met a number of them and have been fortunate enough to learn their names and occasionally see them. As I understand things – we all have at least one guide. Not sure what determines how many we have. For me – I have a number of guides but each has a greater presence in my life at particular points/stages. Sometimes one will step back as we move into a new phase to allow another to come through who is better suited to guide me through that next stage of life.

The first guide I was introduced to was Pomee – an old Native American Chief. He reminds me alot of my grandfather. Stern but friendly. I’ve met him many times in meditations and looking back I am convinced he was my first ‘invisible’ dude that used to visit me in my early 20’s. I covered that in this post He used to be a large part of my life but has taken a step back in the last few years to allow the others to come through. Regardless – he is my constant rock. I’ve shared many special moments with him in my meditations. I particularly remember an instance where he was basically telling me that he was stepping back. In that we shared a smoking pipe – I felt deeply honored that he would share one with me. Then at the end he actually gave me the pipe and although he didn’t say anything I knew it was his way of saying that he was taking a back seat for while. I remember opening my eyes and tears just streaming down my face. That was about 3 years ago and since then I’ve definitely noticed he’s not around as much. He still pops in from time to time which is nice.

The next guide I found out about was Ellie.
I first met Ellie when trying to get in touch with Pomee. But instead of Pomee showing up, I had a cloud of blue sparkles appear. The cloud consisted of about 20-30 loosely grouped blueish sparkles. So incredibly beautiful! And they hung around for a good 5 minutes. It was only much later I found out that the blue sparkles were ‘Ellie’. Since then I’ve learnt that she is an elemental (of the fairie kind) and appears either as blue sparkles or as a purple wispy thing. In her purple state she looks like purple ink dropped into a glass of water – very flowly and impacted by air currents. Before meeting/knowing about Ellie – I did not believe in fairies. When a psychic first told me about her and suggested I learn about them I was highly suspicious. But in the years since I’ve learnt a lot about elementals and have interacted with her and others. I’m now convinced they are real. More about elementals in another post though.

Then I met my animal spirit guide who happens to be a spider. Still not sure of her name although I’ve recently had an amazing interaction with her which I’ll post at a later date also.

Then I met my higher self. This was a little odd because on the one hand she’s very different to me – a lot taller, bigger oval eyes, long yellow hair, statuesque – but she also has a deep familiarity. I knew who she was from the eyes. The shape of them might of been different but there was something about her pupils that I instantly recognised as being part of me.

Then there was the lady in black who I like to call Devine Miss M. Her name as she spelt it out to me is something like Mestjaja but I can’t pronounce it so I call her Devine Miss M. I’ve not yet seen her face – I only ever see her in a black cowl. She’s more elderly judging by her posture and hands and I get the feeling she’ll be my guide later in life. She seems to be standing in the wings so to speak at the moment.

And more recently – since I’ve become a Reiki master and teacher, I now have a Reiki Guide along for the ride. He goes by the name of Master Hiroshi or Master Horushu….I can’t remember. I met clearly with him during my reiki master initiation and he told me his name but I was off the planet with all the energies around at that time that I can’t quite remember…I’m sure I’ll get it right one day.

What do they want? Just to help. But I first must ask for their help and then have the patience to receive it at the right time. [Which I’m still learning to do.]

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