The Wings Are Real

So by now its late 2008 – and for the last 10 years I’d been having visits from an air disturbance and I was experiencing my ‘other’ dreams much more regularly – by now I’d learnt to tell the difference between a normal dream and one of my ‘other’ dreams.

Then one afternoon, as I was enjoying a drink in my backyard, I found it very uncomfortable to be leaning back in my normally comfortable chair. So I sat forward. I notice that I have this extra weight on my back….almost like wearing a backpack but it was very localised to my shoulder blades. So I shrug my shoulders trying to shake off the feeling. But this only makes me more aware that I definitely seem to have something extra on my back. The sensation was almost limb-like. Like I had sprouted an arm from my shoulder…I could feel the extra appendage embed into my current body structure. I chuckle to myself thinking “You know….if I didn’t know better I’d say I’ve just grown wings…”. The sensation is so real and life like – I can almost feel the feathers on them and I can definitely feel them extending themselves out and flapping about as if testing themselves. I’m so surprised by how real it feels that I start looking over my shoulder to check that I can’t actually see them. But there’s nothing to be seen.

So I think to myself ” O….kay….. this is new….”

When I hear a voice inside my head say “The wings are real”

*cue straight dead pan face, eye brow lift and tumble weed rolling by*

A few months later I’m lying in bed trying to go to sleep. I’m on my back when I get the urge to rollover onto my stomach because it’s too uncomfortable sleeping on wings (that is literally the thought that went through my head as I tossed over…before realising what I was thinking). I could actually feel the restriction of wing being squashed into my shoulder blades because I was lying on them. So I rollover and try to get some sleep when suddenly no only can I feel I have sprouted wings again but everything goes a very bright yellow/white. Even though I have my eyes closed I can still see the bright colour/light. Its so bright that I have to squint.

I didn’t know what to make of it all. I thought that perhaps I’d been a bird in a previous life or maybe I’d picked up on something angel like. My intuitive friend Julie Lewin explained that it was indeed an angelic experience. She explained that I had the ability to exist in both this plane and the angelic plane at the same time and that is what had happened.

At that time I was still struggling with even believing in angels. I was open to it on one hand but also skeptical having come from a very non-religious background. Now in 2012 I definitely believe they exist having had a few more experiences with them. I’m thankful for their presence in my life and I look forward to the day when I can hear them.

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